Welcome home, burners!


Volunteering is what makes Korea Burn possible.

Without the gifting of time, energy, and skills, Korea Burn wouldn’t be the free community it has become. If you would like to be apart of this year’s volunteering community, send an email to koreaburn.volunteer@gmail.com. Here are a few places where we would need help:

Volunteer Time Shifts

Pick a shift and click the link below to register.

Greeter Ranger
Center Camp Info Desk Ticket Box
Leave No Trace Volunteer Camp

1. Greeters ~ You are the welcoming party! You are the first face of the Korea Burn that all burners and virgins burners alike will see first! Greet people with a hug and “Welcome home!” Since this is the second Burn in Korea, most of the burners arriving will be virgins, or people attending their first burn in Korea, and therefore have to ring a Korean jing (gong). It is up to you to make sure that everyone has a wonderfully warm first impression!

2. Leave No Trace Team ~ A Burn event embodies ultimate respect for the earth. Each person organizing and attending a Burn event is responsible for keeping our land looking just as good as we found it – OR BETTER! Our mission is a MOOP-free beach at the end of the weekend.

3. Rangers ~ Occasionally, people will need information or help regarding a personal situation. We would need a few rangers to donate an hour or so of time to walk the beach and camping areas to assist anyone in need of information about the festival or help solving a brawl or seeking medical assistance.

4. Art Organization ~ One of the best things about a Burn festival is the creative expression! People are free to show who they are through art installations and creations of any shape and size! Set up a piece of art that you ave already made to display to the community OR bring something to allow others to fuel their creative expression at the festival like body painting, making burning men figured out of wire, or making a puppet. The creativity is endless. Bring yours to Korea Burn!

5. Medical Team ~ Even though one rule in Korea Burn is “safety third” we still require the experience of medical professionals to help any burner in need of medical assistance. Donations of water, vitamins, bandages, Tylenol, neosporin, sun lotions, etc would be graciously accepted as well.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please let us know. Send your name, contact information, how you would like to volunteer to koreaburn.volunteer@gmail.com.