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2014 Ticket Information

Welcome to Korea Burn 2014 Ticket page. You can check all the official information about tickets here.

Korea Burn 2014 Tickets

  • Ticket Sales on the Gate : Only available during gate open hours
    7/3 Thur 14:00-22:00 , 7/4 Fri 14:00-29:00, 7/5 Sat 10:00-19:00, 7/6 Sun10:00-19:00
    Price : 90,000KRW
  • 3/19, Wed, 14:00 ~4/30, Wed, 24:00  : 60,000 won Closed
  • 5/1, Thu, 00:01 ~6/25, Wed, 18:00 : 80,000 won Closed
  • Mail delivery option will be closed on June 18, Wednesday, 16:00.
  • Delivery will start on June 19, Thursday.
  • If someone is paying multiple tickets, all of the group members should place that person’s name on the application form.
  • Ticket purchase will be confirmed only after you(and all of your group members if you’re buying multiple tickets) finished the application and payment.
  • The confirmation email will be sent on every Tuesday and Friday only.
  • Payment Method : Direct Deposit to Kookmin Bank 519701-01-284315[Account Holder : 정신엽]

Ticket Delivery

  • Tickets can be delivered in South Korea only. Overseas shipping is not available, so please choose the Will Call option.
  • Tickets will be delivered by Korean post office.
  • Mail delivery will charge additional cost(cash on delivery).

No One is Permitted without a Ticket

There will be NO reissues for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. The host will not take responsibility for such losses. Please take good care of your tickets!

Participants under 19

As far as logistics go, anybody under 19 years of age must be accompanied by an adult of 21 or older at Korea Burn. Children 12 and under will be admitted for free. Children ages 13 and older require full-price tickets. Be prepared to show proof of age. Please make your judgments based on your kids’ ages and abilities.

Korea Burn 2014 Information

You can check the latest information about Korea Burn 2014 at our Facebook page and Official Homepage.

Ticket Policy

Purchasing ticket of Korea Burn means that you are agreeing to the Ticket Policies and 10 principles of Burning Man.

URL : http://goo.gl/jSGG85