Welcome home, burners!

Theme Camps 2013


A. Audio Avengers

This is the stage where the magic happens. There will be curvy sounds, there will be deep bends, there will be high squeals and there will definitely be down and dirty dance moves. The planets have aligned to bring you the cosmically gifted Audio Avengers. All DJs, dancers, and musicians are welcome to jump on our (battle)ship.

Camp Leader : Camara Stewart

B. Jungle Camp

It’s a jungle in here and we’re bringing the party! Entertainment includes hilarious games to help everyone get real familiar and loosen up. Let’s get wild.

Camp Leader : Bo Crew

C-1. Sea-Saw Therapy and Shisha Burners

We will be constructing a zone of tranquility, complete with soft things for our backsides and flickering things for our front. Also, we’re hosting communal shisha sessions.

Camp Leader : Grant Wood, Leif, Andrew, Pier

C-2. Dial-A-Tune Live Music Delivery Service

Come by our theme camp Saturday afternoon and pick up a business card with our menu of songs on the back. Saturday night, when you have a hankering for live tunes, call the number on the card and we will come play you a song or two on acoustic guitar and box drum! If you’re lucky you might even win a prize!

Camp Leader : Rob Chrisman

D. Eklectopia

Eklectopia is a collection of multifaceted modes of expression from a variety of talented people, each sharing and contributing their gifts to the diversified spirit of KoreaBurn. Everyone’s welcome to join and experience this unique blend of visual artistry, performance, henna, and more!

Camp Leader : Kristina Kauss

E. Burlesque Boudoir

Our theme is burlesque, which is best described as the art of tease. Our boudoir exists to help members of Korea Burn celebrate their sensuality through performance.

Camp Leader : Nell Fox (Jillian Robbins)

F. Manshigan Flow Art Camp

Manshigan Crew. Poi, Staff, Hula Hoop, Pen, and more can be experienced in this area. At night we’ll use LEDs and flowtoy’s iconic fire to present burners with an excellent performance. If captivated by the art of Flowtoy, feel free to join us in our workshop prepared at Manshigan Flow Art Camp.

Camp Leader : Seonghwa Namgung, Hoshin Kang

G. Let Loose Get Colored

We will provide an open ear to any issue the individual may be currently troubled by and, if asked, free and objective advice. After the individual has let loose of their worry by talking with a compassionate listener, he or she will receive face painting to symbolize their new-found freedom.

Camp Leader : Daniel Dugard

H-1. Breakfast Burners

A spot to bring and cook your feasty breakfast goodness

Camp Leader : Skofe

H-2. Makgeollian


Taste Makgeolli. Be Makgeollian.

Camp Leader : Mijoo Park

I. Black Hole


Our camp is an open space for people to come meet and mingle: to share ideas and drinks

Camp Leader : Jin Chon

J. Hula Girls’ Photobooth

The Hula Girls

Hula girls are sweet, fun, and don’t judge. We love LOVE, and we want to take your picture! And give out free advice!
NOTE: All photos taken will be posted to a public website! Do not take photos that you do not want others to see.

Camp Leader : Stacey Austin

K. Making a Self-Portrait

Making a self portrait: a photo-project in development since January by artist Heesoo Park (Seoul), is meant to capture frank, unaffected portraits of contemporary youths beyond the superficial coloring of sexy fish-faces and well-angled Facebook selfies. The aim is to challenge preconceptions of self-image and to uncover an honest, true identity from the subjects. .

Camp Leader : Heesoo Park

M. Pickles & Cat’s Little Big Bar

We are just a little bar trying to make BIG FUN by re-creating giant whimsical versions of traditional “college” drinking games and classic bar games.

Camp Leader : Dani, Luke

N. Camp Cascadia

Oregonics and Friends

We will be sharing all sorts of great aspects of the Pacific Northwest and the greater Cascadia region. Those from that region tend to be globally and environmentally conscious, (and generally pretty cool folks) so we wanted to share the love for our home with our new KoreaBurn home!

Camp Leader : Dani Phillips

O. PLAY(People Love Activities, Yeah!)


1. Slip & Slide
2. Spinkick
3. Fire Limbo
4. Fire Rope Skipping
5. Slackline

The Roving Temple to the Most Unholy Slut the Goddess Eris Discordia

The Pan-Eris Unifikation Kommittee of Kabul

As sub-Agents of the ‘Pan-Eris Unifikation Kommittee of Kabul’ we shall be representing the Sacred Church of Mild Disbelief. Placed here by the Apple of Discord we will be spreading mischief and margarine in the full knowledge that there is no tomorrow.

Location: Anywhere