Welcome home, burners!

Theme Camps 2012

2012theme camp map


Audio Avengers ~~  This is the stage where the magic happens. There will be curvy sounds, there will be deep bends, there will be high squeals and there will definitely be down and dirty dance moves. The planets have aligned to bring you the cosmically gifted Audio Avengers. All DJs, dancers and musicians are welcome to jump on our (battle)ship.

  •   Camp Leader ~ Camara Stewart(stewartcamara@hotmail.com), Rory Woodroffe, Brendon Stauffer
  •   SATURDAY ~ 5pm – 7am

It’s a Secret ~~ Everyone has a secret that they want to get off their chest.  Write your secret on a piece of paper, fold it up and send it up in a puff of smoke.  If you stumble into a NoreCamp singalong or rap circle JOIN IN!  Lyrics provided!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Kendall Maize ~ kendallinkorea@yahoo.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 4pm – 6pm

Bask in Rob Sins ~~ Come order any of 31 tasty flavors of melody from two guys named Rob.  Ever wanted a band to ‘JUST PLAY THAT ONE SONG I LOVE ALREADY’?!?! At Bask In Rob Sins, it’s our pleasure to fill your order, and our sexy menu has 31 musical Roptions to choose from! One acoustic guitar, one box drum, and the voices of drunken angels! Bring a chair or blanket, take a load off, and read the scrumptious descriptions of each ‘Flavor’ to suit your mood. And if you’re feeling brave, try one of our ‘Secret Flavors’ for a nice Robprise we’ve prepared, or add some ‘Toppings’ to your order with a tambourine or shaker.  Bask In Rob Sins, 31 Flavors and Puns!

  • Camp Leader ~ Rob Evong ~ rob.evong@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 4:30p – 6:30p

INNERTRIP PSYTRANCE MUSIC STAGE ~~ Innertrip is the prominent DJ crews which solely leads the psychedelic culture in Korea. Innertrip with DJ Tang as a main DJ, has massive supports enough to host an independent festival by themselves. They will blow your mind with Psytrance at 2012 Korea Burn!!!

  • Camp Leader ~ Tang ~  innertrip@hanmail.net

BASS ATTACK ~~ Bass Attack is the most promising DJ crews in the club scene in Korea. From Dubstep, not popular enough in Korea, to D&B, you will not need more explanations. If you wanna go crazy with pounding beats, Bass Attack is calling for you

  • Camp Leader ~ Tong Lanus
  • SATURDAY 2:00p – SUNDAY 7:00a


Lick My Muffin ~ Well, a camp to have your choice of eating or licking a muffin of your choosing.

  • Camp Leader ~~ Ripul ~~ ripul.jupiter56@gmail.com
  • SUNDAY ~~ 10pm-12pm

Poetry for Bacon! ~ BACON! And POETRY! If you feel like gifting us with either your raw pork bellies or your phenominal verse (or prose, if that’s your thing) we’ll do you the honor of cooking and/or partaking in it. Mixers for tequila appreciated, as is MORE tequila and ice.

  • Camp leader ~~ Kaly Reyaht ~~ kalyndas.wings@gmail.com ~~ Facebook event
  • SATURDAY ~~ 2pm – supplies last

Oregonics ~ Have you seen Portlandia and wondered “Are there really people like that?” Have you eaten a Hazelnut and wondered “Where was this grown?” Have you ever wondered where the Simpsons live? Are you in love with skiing in the morning, relaxing on the beach in the afternoon, sipping a local wine or local beer in the evening? Welcome to )'( Camp
Oregonics )'( . A camp of Organic Oregonians proudly representing the great Pacific Northwest State of Oregon. Bring a chair. Bring Questions. Bring Yourself!

  • Camp Leader ~~Iain Culp ~~ Facebook Event
  • SATURDAY ~~ 12pm until supplies last
    — Tillamook Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    — Horchata
    — Pink Martini Jello shots, Green Duck Shots, Orange Beaver Shots
    — Oregon Music: Pink Martini, Decemberists, Everclear, Dandy Warhols, Mat Kearney, Esperanza Spalding, The Shins
    — Mocked Civil War: OSU and U of O. You decide who wins.
  • SUNDAY ~~ 10AM until supplies last
    — Oregon Chai Tea
    — Toast with Oregon Berry Jam

Come see Skofe at the WinK tent for free pizza and beer*~~ I’m gonna do what I do best…  Give out free beer! (and pizza!)  “But Skofe, why is there an asterisk in the title?” (You might be asking yourself)   Well, cuz I’m gonna make ya do something for it!  Nothin terrible. (unless you’re down) Just good ol’ fashion fun.  It’s kind of a tradition of mine, and a great way to bring everyone together.  So come find me (not hard to do) and ask me what you gotta do for a free beer (and pizza)   Burn On!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Skofe A. Lofe ~ skofe18@yahoo.ca
  • SATURDAY ~~ 4pm – until supplies last


Hydrophonic ~ Need to get a little, wet on the playa?  Come give us a visit and we’ll see if we can’t sort you out.  We will fulfill your moisture needs but expect the usual excitement which naturally precedes gushing.  When you’re just “not in the mood”, jam with us and share your voice, recorder, violin, guitar or melodica!  Event page.

  • Camp Leader ~~ Crazeh Matteh ~ matthew.b.golem@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 1pm – 3pm

  • SUNDAY ~ 12pm – 1pm

Garden of Glow ~ Kick the night off with a drum circle/open floor jam session. Bring your your guitars, poetry, drums, tamborines, dancing shoes, and fire toys to the Garden of Glow. As the sun sets, the neon vibes will be a flowin’. Grab a drink from the open bar and take the stage with your acoustic performance. Fire dancing and group participation is encouraged. We supply the drinks, you supply yo’ bad self!

  • Camp Leaders ~ Johnny Question & Lainey McGrew
  • SATURDAY ~~ 7pm until supplies last 🙂

COMMUNITY Sunday Brunch @ Garden of Glow ~ Cure those hangover blues with a bangin’ breakfast burrito and a little hair of the dog. Screwdrivers and Soju Sunrises will be served to start the morning off right!

  • Camp Leaders ~~ Johnny Question & Lainey McGrew
  • SUNDAY ~~ 10am – 12pm


Pandora’s Box ~~ body painting, jewelry and crochet hair pieces, make your body beautiful!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Cecilia Schumann ~ vlakvark09@yahoo.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 2pm – 4pm

The We Don’t Know What We’re Doing International Soju Cocktail and Crowd Source Decoration Bar ~~  We will be joining the body painting theme camp Pandora’s Box to provide drinks while you wait for your mates! We will have a nice comfy little space (a scabrous growth of tarpaulin) attached to the lovely Pandora’s Box… We’re nothing fancy but we are a friendly and you can play guitar and I can teach ye some feckin Irish if ye like! Decorate our bar for us! We are too disorganized to decorate our bar please bring anything you find and stick it up somewhere! We will be gifting reusable cups to the first guests who need them and don’t worry if you have no cup of your own we’ll have you drinkin out of a shoe if we have ta!

  • ArtszTheme Camp ~~ Simon Badrian ~ Simon.badrian@gmail.com:
  • SATURDAY ~ 5pm – 7pm, 10pm if more stock

Kimchi on your nails : Forget-me-not ~ Dye your nails with garden balsams, no chemical, all natural way. You will have something on your body to remember 2012 Korea Burn.

  • Camp Leader ~ Kelly & YeSeul ~ Kelly.jeon@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 1p – 5p

True Colors ~ What better way to express yourself, then to wear how you feel! Come over to our tent to design, and decorate a t-shirt that can be worn throughout the day, or saved as a souvenir for probably one of your best memories while being in korea! We will have all t-shirt decorating essentials, with some helpful tips of our own to share.  All you need is a shirt!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Ann Marie ~~ annmarier22@yahoo.com
  • SATURDAY ~~ 12pm – 3pm

Oceans of Love ~ Dress up at Oceans of Love and have your picture taken! Photos will be emailed to all burners after the festival! ALSO! Body painting AND bracelet making!

  • SATURDAY ~~ 2-4pm & 5-7pm

A Camp With No Name ~ Music, friendship bracelets, dream catchers, furry friends to cuddle, games to play, and baked treats galore! A place to come and chill out.  What else could a happy camper want for?

  • Camp Leaders ~ Sarah Saunders (saunders.sarah@gmail.com) & Kay Herbert (kayherbert@hotmail.co.uk)
  • SATURDAY ~~ 3pm – 5pm

Transformation Tent ~~ We want people to be able to “transform” themselves into an alternate, fun festival persona. They will be able to adorn themselves as creatively as possible. Feel free to just show up and get your face painted, bathe in glitter or just decorate yourself!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Emily Kentgen ~ emily.kentgen@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 4pm – 6pm

Tye Dye Camp ~~ Maps, Fabric, and Colour. Glorious colour. First, our map. It will be large, it will be in charge. Let the world know from where you come; by weekend’s end, we anticipate a truly global kaleidoscope of colour.  Secondly, create your own apparel. As colourful as you please, as varied as can be. Tye Dye is never definitive; you never know what you will create, you are simply meant to create it. Let us join you in your unique creation. Then for one weekend, let it be a badge of individuality. BRING STUFF TO TYE-DYE!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Lydia Hodgins ~ lydia_hodgins@hotmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~~ 4pm – 6pm (until supplies last)

TWO EN SHOP ~~ We deliver your hearts full of devotion to environment and energy saving. Only limited 100 items. Move faster than others! Buttons are not the only way to design environment, peace, and energy. Make your own postcard. Let’s depict a beautiful scenery of Gijipo beach on your postcard with our hands!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Jae Hyun Nam ~ greatnamjae@naver.com
  • SATURDAY ~~ 2pm – 4pm


Inner-G ~~ An opportunity to blow off the stress of being alive, Inner G is a group of people wanting to experience meditation. It won’t be easy but together we will hopefully ease the pain of existence if only just for a moment.

  • Camp Leader ~~ Dionne V Milton ~ dvmilton87@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY @ 6 pm

  • SUNDAY @ 6:30 am

Yoga on the Beach ~~ Mat or no mat, come to the beach for a peaceful awakening with a session (or two) of Yoga!

  • Instructors ~~ Frida Kwon, Angela R, Dionne V Milton
  • SATURDAY ~~ 6pm – 7pm

  • SUNDAY ~~ 9:30am – 11am

First Aid Camp ~ Not everything is silly, so this camp is here for the times when we need a little bit more help. Water, vitamins, sun lotion, medicine, CPR… please stop by this camp if you have any medical experience and would like to gift a bit or your time to help people in need. A licensed nurse and ambulance will be available.

  • Various leaders


Manifestation Station ~~ One of the main ideas of a Burn is to burn things – effigies, ideas, wishes, and the past – as a symbolic act of setting things into motion. Here is a space where you can manifest or wish for something – for yourself, for others, or for the world in general. You might also want to LET GO of something from your past or that you would like to change about your self or life. I will be providing markers and papers to write your manifestations or things to let go upon, and they will BURN WITH THE MEN!

  • Near cooking station

Finding Waldo ~ Waldo has gifts if you can find him on the beach or in the forest.

  • Camp Leader ~~ Waldo (duh… pshhh)

Eklectopia ~~ an arrayof things to do at the artistically designed “monkey huts”

  • Camp Leader ~~ Kristina Kauss (Zahira SJ) ~ zahira@dansoler.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 2pm ~ Henna/temp tattoos

  • SATURDAY ~ 3pm  ~ Amigo the Clown Doesn’t Speak Spanish ~ But he does… *Make balloon animals *Make juggling balls *Teach you how to make your very own juggling balls *Teach you how to make your very own balloon animals *Play dance tunes on a guitar he found abandoned on a street in Gyeonggido *Tell inappropriate jokes *Dress funny *Dance even when he doesn’t know the dance, even when there’s no music, even when people tell him to stop *Give free hugs *Talk about stuff you don’t understand, even when no one’s listening, even when people tell him to stop
  • SATURDAY ~ 4pm-5pm ~ Belly Dance Boot Camp on the Beach

  • SATURDAY ~ 11pm ~ Wind-up toy races
  • SUNDAY ~ 12 Midnight ~ STARGAZING WITH A GOD KILLER ~ learn about what an @$$hole zeus was and what stars are named after him and his progeny “basic stargazing session, weather providing, about midnight on the beach. There is some specialized equipment required, so bring your own eyes. The location may change based on light pollution.

  • SUNDAY ~ 2AM – TRON ULTIMATE FRISBEE ~ watch 12 people be sacrificed to a digital demon

Game Time! ~~ Please join us for a smorgasbord of games for your late afternoon delight.  We will have card games, board games and field games! Bring some drinks to pregame with or if that’s not your thing, then come, hang out and meet new friends. We’re here to provide you with entertainment and fast fun! Hope to see you there!

  • Camp Leader ~ Christy Nagy ~  cnagy86@yahoo.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 5pm – 7pm

Laramee’s Lush Dance Academy: Finding your Inner Beyonce ~ Come learn some hot dance moves to help you survive any night at Gogo’s in Hongdae, silent disco in the park, or maybe even a seductive dance to try to earn a free kebab from the charming Kebab man. You’ll do a warmup and learn a 2 minute routine that you can use in any vicinity you wish: homeplus, the club, the noraebong, in front of your homeboy or girl, with your pets, etc. No dance experience required. Slight inebriation appreciated! No pressure!!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Marie Laramee ~ marielaramee@hotmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 2pm & 2:50pm will run 40 minutes beginning at 2:00pm and a second beginning at 2:50pm.

Chincha Filming Camp ~~ We will be giving away shots of soju and stickers as well as interviewing burners about their experiences at the festival for a short film we are making.

  • Camp Leader ~~ Michael Beech ~ mefbeech@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~ 2pm – 4pm

  • SUNDAY ~ 12pm – 2pm

Night Lights ~~ From Gwangju, The City of Lights, comes the camp Night Lights. Hundreds of tea lights, glow sticks, glow in the dark stars and glow in the dark body paint will be at ready to help you burn away the darkness. Music and beer from one of Gwangju’s finest breweries, Songs Beer, will also be available. Bring anything that glows!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Cory Broussard ~~  freeirony@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~~ Sundown


“Cunning Linguist” Cuddle Palace ~ Lounge, learn, snuggle and practice boku-maru in this blanket oasis.

  • Camp leader ~~  Eryn Murphy ~~ winaniw@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY & SUNDAY ~ All festival

I LOVE GeNiE ~~ Wish me a Drawing, face paint, or a come enjoy our company of “I Love Genie” costumes perhaps. Drum lessons and drum circle.  You can also wear one and help if you like.

  • Camp Leader ~~ Natalie Walker ~~ uleft4me@gmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~~ 2pm – 4pm

UmBrellAppAlOOsA ~~ UmBrellAppAlOOsA, a umbrella wonderland, take refuge from the sun or rain and add a piece of ur own umbrella to the art/camp

  • Camp Leader ~~ Johnny Park ~~ johnny.park89@gamil.com
  • SATURDAY~~ (Forest) 5pm – 7pm


Flow Arts Funk Odyssey (FAFO) ~ PVC and tape = HULA HOOPs! Make your own hula-hoop and then stick around for a few lessons from the Mistress of the Hoop: Kali!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Kali ~~ K_deno@hotmail.com
  • SATURDAY ~~ 4pm – 6pm

Theme Camps & Art Locations

Zone A

  • Shin’s Fire Zone
  • (Flow) FAFO ~ Flow Arts Funk Odyssey (4-6p)

Zone B

  • (Entertainment) Eklectopia (3 art monkey huts designed for people to chill) (All Day)
  • (Art&Crafts) Transformation Tent (4-6p)
  • (Alcohol) Garden of Glow (7p – ?)

  • (Music) Base Attack (2p-7a)

Zone C

  • (Arts&Crafts) Tye Dye Camp (4-6p)
  • (Food) Poetry for Bacon (2p – ?)
  • (Arts&Crafts) Pandora’s Box (2-4p) & Decoration Bar (5-7p, 10-?)

  • (Music/Dance) Laramie’s Dance Academy (2 – 4p)

Zone D

  • (Music) Enjoy Korea (all day)
  • (Entertainment) Game Time! (5 – 7p)

  • (Filming) Chincha Filming Group (Sat 2-4p, Sun 12-2p)
  • (Arts & Crafts) True Colors (12 – 3p)

  • (Entertainment) Oceans of Love (2-4p, 5-7p)

Zone E

  • (Music) Innertrip
  • (Food/Alcohol) Skofe’s Camp (4p – ?)
  • (Music/Entertainment) It’s A Secret (4-6p)
  • (Arts&Crafts) A Camp with No Name (3 – 5p)

Zone F

  • (Entertainment) Night Lights (7p – ?)
  • (Music) Bask In Rob Ins (4:30 – 6:30p)
  • (Water) Hydrophonic (sat 1-3p, Sun 12-1p)
  • (Food/Alcohol) Oregonics (all day)


  • Yoga on the Beach (Sat 6-7p, Sun 9:30-11p)
  • Inner-G (Sat 6p, Sun 6:30a)


  • I love Genie (2-4p)
  • Umberllapalooza (5-7p)
  • Cuddle Camp (all festival)
  • LSD (Light + Sound = Delight) (7-12a)

Center Camp

  • Manifestation Station (all Saturday)
  • First Aid Camp (all festival)
  • Kimchi Your Nails (1-5p)