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Theme Camp

Creating a theme camp

At Korea Burn theme camps provide all the entertainment and activities for fellow burners.  Theme camps should always follow the 10 principles.  Somethings to keep in mind here: Radical Inclusion means your camp provides for everyone in the community , Gifting means there is no cost for anything you provide (remember this is not a trade or barter), and Decommodification means your theme camp is not an advertisement for your company or organization. Please take careful note of the 10 principles and how your camp can uphold them.

What does a theme camp do?

Theme camps give to community in a number of ways some notable examples

  • Give out tasty snacks and meals to the hungry burners.  Cereal, bacon, grilled cheese, pancakes, and PB&J are a few burner staples.

  • Provide Music and Performance. If you’re any kind of performer such musician, DJ, acrobat or dancer. Share your skills and gifts.

  • Have Bars and Parties.  Everyone loves a bar and a party. We encourage you to be creative here expand this idea. Serve interesting drinks, make your bar take us to a different place or time, bring a home brew or homemade treats, encourage your guests to meet new people or play games.

  • Provide community services. Everyone forgets something or needs a little help maybe your camp can give that special thing that turns someones day around.  It can be simple like cup (reusable), a pair of sunglasses, an accessory to jazz up an outfit. Or something intangible like a compliment, a fortune, or advice.

There are no limits here so long as your follow the ten principles. If you have an idea ask yourself “Would this delight and surprise me?” If you answer “yes” then you’re on the right track. Look to the community at anytime for more good ideas or advice on how to execute it.

If you have an idea then look at our guidelines carefully and submit a request for placement of your theme camp.

Theme Camp Guidelines

email for Theme Camps : koreaburn.themecamp@gmail.com

Theme Camp Application

URL : http://goo.gl/GNtNCU