Welcome home, burners!

Art Installation


Creative expression specifically through the arts and interactive art are especially encouraged at KOREA BURN! Artwork is a gift that the artist makes to the community. KOREA BURN provides an exceptionally unique opportunity to make any sort of artistic gift creation that means something to you, and exhibit it in front of an open, accepting, and creatively inspired community! There is no art piece that is too big, or too small, or too outrageous. Anything you wish to share will be appreciated by the community! The most important part of these festivals is expression and inspiration, and creating a piece of art is one of the best ways to do that. If you’re making something that moves or inspires you, it’s art! Share it!

If you have no idea where to start, but know that you’d like to create a piece of art for KOREA BURN this year, try having a look at the gallery of past Burning Man art projects below!

Any questions regarding artwork and the burn can be sent to koreaburn.artinstallation@gmail.com






Your challenge is make your artwork interactive – after all, you want the entire community to engage with it and have shared experiences that include the art. If your piece can be more experiential, go forth and make it so.


Art created from recycled waste materials and art that will be reconstituted in a public space after the event is encouraged. If you are planning to burn your piece, choose your materials carefully. Avoid any materials that will give off toxic gasses when burning. Plastics such as PVC, foam, some paints and treated wood all give off toxic gasses when set on fire. The best materials are untreated wood and cotton cloth.


If your artwork is tall, or light, anchor it properly ‐ it needs to withstand high winds and possible collisions. Make sure anchor points and guy ropes are well lit at night as well as softened with rubber, foam, cut tennis balls, …whatever is going to stop someone on their midnight wanderings getting hurt.


Make provision for lighting your piece at night ‐ this is not only a safety issue, but a lot of activity goes on at night, and it would be a pity not to be able to enjoy your piece all hours of the day.


If you have a very big installation, please consider coming to the venue earlier in the week to have it set up before the gate opens,so that when the event starts you are not working all hours to complete your piece. You’ll need to get permission for an early arrival ‐ email <koreaburn@gmail.com> to arrange it. ges and don’t forget the dirt roads.


We aim to leave our venue as close to the way we found it as possible (See leave no trace). Nothing should be left of your artwork or campsite after we leave. We aim to leave KOREA BURN only with footprints,maybe some disturbed earth, and good memories.


We invite you to register your artwork by filling in the Art Registration form online. This is not a requirement – unless you are intending on burning your artwork, or it has flame effects. But it is useful! The form is designed to help you work through all the complexities of bringing art to KOREA BURN. And if your proposal is registered we can allocate a specific spot for it.

Your artworks do not need to be “approved” (unless totally unsafe),so don’t hold off on creating.

Art installation registration for KOREA BURN 2014 is closed now. 

Email for Arts : koreaburn.artinstallation@gmail.com

URL : http://goo.gl/R0Tdjr