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Survival Guide

Download PDF version of KOREA BURN 2014 Survival Guide here(Korean/English)


July 3-7, 2014  Chung Po Island, South Korea


Welcome to the Korea Burn Survival Guide!

Korea Burn is an official regional and part of the Burning Man Regional Network.

Please be  familiar with what it takes to be prepared for Korea Burn by reading Survival Guide.


Please read all of this guide. Greeters will  ask questions and quiz everyone at the gate.

This is for the safety of yourself and the community.

10 Principles

Radical Inclusion

All are welcome to participate in Burning Man and Burner events. No prerequisites exist to be a part of and participate in our community; we offer unconditional acceptance.

Burning Man is devoted to acts of unconditional gift giving. The value of a gift is in the giving. Gifting requires no return, no exchange, nothing equal value to replace. Gifting is from the soul.

Gifting is cannot not be limited by commercial sponsorships, transactions, advertising, or monetary exchange on site. As a community resist the substitution of consumption for participatory experience. Love is not a commodity to be traded. Don’t worry about going to an ATM before coming.
Radical Self-reliance

Burning Man encourages the individual to discover, exercise and rely on his or her inner resources.
Radical Self-expression

Radical self-expression allows you to be who you want to be, who you need to be, and who you are. Explore what you are and give the event yourself. What you give can only be decided by you. You determine your content and offer it as a gift to others. In this spirit, the giver should respect the rights and liberties of the recipient.Communal Effort

Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration. We strive to produce, promote and protect social networks, public spaces, works of art, and methods of communication that support such interaction.
Civic Responsibility

We value civil society. Community members organize everything so while organizing, remember the public welfare and communicate civic responsibilities to participants.
Leaving No Trace

Our community champions and respects the environment. Be committed to leaving no physical trace of any activity when it is all over. Clean up after and endeavor to leave places in a better state than when they were found.

Everyone has something to give and should be encouraged to give it. Transformative change, in an individual or in society, can happen with commitment to participation. Being is doing. Doing guides us to being. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play.

Immediate experience is what is constantly sought after. We seek to overcome barriers that stand between us and a recognition of our inner selves, the reality of those around us, participation in society, and contact with a natural world exceeding human powers. No idea can substitute for this experience. Be here. Be now!

Event Checklist

  • *Ticket*
  • *I.D.*
  • *Liability Waiver* (you sign this onsite)
  • *Local trash bag, local food waste bag, plastic bag for recycling.*
  • Water (2 liters per person per day. MORE IF DRINKING)
  • Reusable Cup/Mug. (Don’t miss out when someone offers you a drink)
  • Headlamp or flashlight, and something to light your tent (don’t forget batteries!)
  • Bedding and Shelter (It’s a beach. Read the Environment Section)
  • Any toiletries you will need
  • Any medications you will need
  • Enough food for 5 days
  • A portable ashtray to keep your cigarette butts and carry with you always, if you smoke cigarettes
  • Sunscreen (let’s hope it’s sunny!)
  • Bug repellent (peppermint oil is a natural and fragrant spray!)
  • Non-glass containers for liquids or reusable containers  (cans and plastic are acceptable)
  • Enough money for ice and cab rides to/from the beach
  • Fully charged camera
  • Rain gear (Read Environment Section)
  • Ziplock bags for to keep fragile items dry and sand-free (such as cameras and phone)
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • WARM CLOTHES (it gets very chilly at night)
  • Fun clothes and costumes
  • Good shoes and extra socks  (put them in a ziplock to keep some dry ones)
  • Your gifts, talents, skills, or art to share with the community
  • An open mind, an open heart, a sense of humor, and your smile


Transportation Options

–Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/tigerburn/files/ for more info–

Option 1: Intercity Bus Terminal:

Express buses run to Taean from 3 major terminals: Seoul, Incheon, and Daejeon Express Bus Terminals. Please note that Taean Bus Terminal takes cash only. See the schedules below.


Seoul Taean Incheon Taean Daejeon Taean
To Taean To Seoul To Taean To Incheon To Taean To Daejeon
710 630 700 630 740 630
820 725 810 740 820 750
1010 830 920 850 910 850
1140 1030 1030 1000 1000 1000
1310 1200 1140 1110 1120 1110
1420 1430 1250 1220 1220 1230
1610 1530 1400 1330 1320 1330
1720 1640 1510 1440 1400 1550
1840 1740 1620 1550 1440 1720
2010 1930 1730 1700 1540 1910
1840 1700
1950 1920

I’m here at Taean Bus Terminal… now what?

There are public buses that run from the station to the beach. Check the above link for further directions.  If you arrive late and the buses are finished for the night, or you have a lot of things to carry, it is recommended that you take a cab. One should cost about W25,000  to get to Cheongpodae. Here are some phone numbers to call a cab: (041) 675-1260; (041) 674-3939

(Note, most taxi dispatchers do not speak English. Be patient and you’ll get there in one piece.)

Going TO the Burn: Going back to the Taean Bus Terminal:
청포대, 충청남도 태안군 남면 양잠리 1230-56 태안 시외 버스 터미널, 태안읍 동백로 304

Option 2: Independent Tour Companies

There are many different tour companies running buses which will shuttle participants to and from the event. As a non-profit and non-sponsored event we cannot recommend any one company. We can just tell you they are out there. Many community members have posted on social media. We DO recommend checking Facebook because that’s still self-reliance.  YOU STILL NEED TO HAVE PURCHASED A TICKET INTO THE EVENT!

Option 3: Driving 

The address of the event is 청포대, 충청남도 태안군 남면 양잠리 1230-56

We recommend participants find directions before the event.

Entrance Policy

Open Gate and Ticketing Hours

7.03 Thur. 2:00 to 22:00

7.04 Fri 14:00 -29:00
7.05 Sat 10:00 to 19:00

7.06 Sun 10:00 -19:00

No one will be allowed into the event without:
  • ticket
  • signed waiver of liability
  • valid ID
  • waste materials bag


The Gate Booth is for will-call ticket pick up and receiving wristbands. After get the wristbands from them get your stuff and move onto the Greeters. Follow all requests from Gate staff. Giving them attitude will NOT get you into the event any faster.

Contact koreaburn.ticket@gmail.com or visit the Informatio* at Center Camp.


The Greeter Station is where you step out of the default world and into the world of the Burn. They are going to give you love as if you’ve never been loved before.

How to be Greeted:

1. The Greeters are going to be  super excited to see you. “WELCOME HOME!!!” Reciprocation is awesome (especially at 4am)!

2. Greeters love gifts and will be giving out special Greeter-Station-only shwag. They also love  having them shared back: especially drinks and snacks!

3. You will be directed to an appropriate place so that you can join the Greeters while they quiz you on this Survival Guide, to help you set good expectations for yourself and double-check that you have made yourself aware of all the necessities for a great event (water, trash bags, food, how to say yes,  etc.).

4. Greeters will show you a BiG map and point out all the areas of interest and places one might camp either with a pre-registered theme camp or in the  Open Camping Zone.

5. You may choose to play a game or just simply give our gong a good bang and go on in.

Drivers of unregistered vehicles will have a window of 1 hour to unpack and

get your car to Parking and then re-enter the event (free of charge). Please park your car in Parking! No one wants to hang out in a parking lot! But you already knew that.

Contact koreaburn.greeter@gmail.com visit the Greeter Station or Volunteer Hub.

Re-Entrance Policy

In & Outs at the gate are discouraged. Honestly, do you really wanna go?

If you must leave, check in with Gate on your way out and make sure you have the following items:

  • Re-entry pass from the Gate ( $10 per person/per re-entry)
  • Korea Burn ticket
  • I.D.
  • Wristband

Resources on site

*There will be no food, drinking water, showers, or electricity provided*

Center camp

Is the brains of Korea Burn and is located almost right in the center of Korea Burn. The large tented structure it is a headquarters of advice, answers, and sometimes even more questions. Here you will find Informatio*, Volunteer Hub, Ranger Base all sorts of interesting information from maps to event schedules, and even travel information. There will also be displays of art and history of both Burning Man and Korea Burn found here. If you need an interpreter, this is where you can find one.


Like all Burning events ice will be sold at the event. It’s a tradition (the organization does not profit from the sale). Go with it. Really Korea Burn offers ice to keep food in coolers chilled and prevent it from going rotten: NO ONE WANTS FOOD POISONING. However, the supply is limited, and for the preservation of food. Purchase only if a necessity.

Lost and Found

We understand that things get lost.  If during the event you happen to find something that has lost it’s owner bring it to Informatio*  in Center Camp. Please check here if you might have lost something during the event. Korea Burn is not responsible for lost items or sanity.


If you need information or help regarding a personal situations Korea Burn Rangers are there for you. Our Rangers are volunteers trained to be non-confrontational and patrol the Beach and Camps keeping an eye on the safety of burners, helping fire safety during fire events, and other tasks that the Power Rangers would do if they had the time. Ranger Base is located in Center Camp. On-Shift Rangers will be identifiable by their neon orange jackets and laminate Ranger tags. Contact koreaburn.ranger@gmail.com for more information.

Medical (E.M.S)

To provide the best care for our community, Kora Burn Emergency Medical Services is run by an independent company (we pay them).  They are there to provide first aid and basic triage if anyone at the event needs it. While we expect you to be self reliant, if you need medical help they are there. This year they will be located in WATER


If it doesn’t come from your body, it doesn’t go in the potty.

This is a pack it in pack it out event. All sanitary hygiene items are to not be put into the toilets: tampons, hand-wipes, cigarette butts, and other trash are to be taken with you.  Trash in the toilets will only lead to clogging up the system, one less toilet for people to use, and could endanger our event returning to the site.

DON’T USE THE LAND AS A TOILET. Your poop is M.O.O.P. (Matter Out Of Place)  Out of respect for the land, your fellow Burners, find a toilet.


DPW will be closing the showers. Please do not try and get into them.

Water Station

There is a water station located near the bathrooms but should ONLY BE USED FOR WASHING DISHES. Please scrape your scraps at your camp to keep the drains clean and clear. Your food left at the dishwashing station is M.O.O.P.


We discourage paper cups and other disposable items that create unnecessary garbage. Put some thought into a reusable plastic plate or bowl, fork, and spoon. These can be wiped clean with a wet wipe, a napkin, or washed.

Survival On Site


Korea Burn is a beach side Burn Event. Day time Highs can be around 90°F/32°C and night time lows in the 55°F/12°C. As we are on the coast please be prepared for rain, shine, and winds. Storms can come and go at a moments notice so remember to bring a way to keep yourself and your items dry.  At night it can be cold so remember when costuming to keep it warm. Be aware of the tide and take care when exploring the beach.

Date h : m (height) h : m (height) h : m (height) h : m (height)
3 01 : 23 (129) ▼ 07 : 34 (688) ▲ 13 : 57 (166) ▼ 19 : 50 (615) ▲
4 01 : 58 (160) ▼ 08 : 07 (662) ▲ 14 : 32 (179) ▼ 20 : 31 (597) ▲
5 02 : 39 (199) ▼ 08 : 46 (629) ▲ 15 : 14 (195) ▼ 21 : 23 (578) ▲
6 03 : 30 (240) ▼ 09 : 35 (593) ▲ 16 : 09 (206) ▼ 22 : 29 (568) ▲
7 04 : 38 (272) ▼ 10 : 41 (565) ▲ 17 : 17 (206) ▼ 23 : 49 (578) ▲

Leave No Trace

GARBAGE AND RECYCLING ARE NOT PROVIDED! Everything you bring to the Beach, you take back from the Beach with you!This includes all garbage, recycling, and equipment.  Each participant is required to bring a garbage, food waste, and recycling bag. YOU MUST BRING THESE BAGS WITH YOU TO ENTER THE EVENT!

We want to avoid leaving Matter Out Of Place (MOOP= trash) on the Beach MOOP is everything and anything one brings into the event: bottle caps, tent stakes, banana peels, feathers, glitter, oil, etc.  If you see someone being careless with their MOOP, kindly remind them and help them pick it up. MOOP happens accidentally, spend a little time every day and pick it up.


Start with less trash! Buy in bulk! Remove excess packaging before you arrive.


Smokers, we love you as much as we love non-smokers. Please love us and nature back.

Bring a portable ash tray and use it at ALL TIMES. Birds, fish, and other animals will eat your butts, and tents will be melted by tossed butts that are still burning.

Glass and Glass bottles

Many people express themselves by being barefoot. Broken glass is harmful and destructive to people, animals, and land. Bring beer in cans and transfer any liquor that comes in glass into plastic bottles. Don’t forget your burner cup.

For more information see https://koreaburnen.wordpress.com/information/leave-no-trace/


Have a plan before you leave for Korea Burn. Remember a smart way to cut down on your trash is to remove as much as you can before you go.


As community organized event and its success depends on your volunteer participation. In order to keep the ticket cost down, KOREA BURN team needs your help and asks that you sign up for a minimum of three hours volunteer works. This way, everyone is a participant and a part of the community, rather than a spectator.

Please sign up for a volunteer shift before the event or  when you come to the event in Center Camp. Departments looking for volunteers during the event are Gate, Greeters, Informatio*, Volunteer, Rangers, Fire Safety, Leave No Trace. Contact koreaburn.volunteer@gmail.com or visit the Volunteer Hub at Center Camp.


PARENTS bringing children ARE RESPONSIBLE for their children 100% of the time. This includes what the children may be exposed to. No one is expected to censor their behavior, clothing, or sense of expression if a child is present.


NO ANIMALS ALLOWED. Service animals are an exception.


Alcohol is the only drug permitted at Korea Burn. The use of other drugs is strongly prohibited by Korean law and we respect those laws. Also note intoxication and drunkenness are not excuses for ANYTHING. If you are going drink be radically smart about it. Be sober enough to be in control and respect the consent of others. (See Consent)

Fireworks & Fire

Fireworks can pose serious risk to art, camps, and the environment. We ask no fireworks, unless you want to bring them and donate them to the fire conclave. Please email koreaburn.fireconclave@gmail.com for detailed fire safety information.


Much like an airline flight, cell phones can cause turbulence at Korea Burn. We ask participants to put phones in airplane mode and let the outside world be OUTSIDE! Use it to take photos (Remember: ask first) but post them to Facebook when you get home. Forget Kakao people who aren’t at the event. Go meet someone new to Kakao after the event!! Be on the beach with us


NO means NO! ONLY Yes means Yes!

Always ask.
Do not do not assume consent.

When someone has said NO, take the no and go. Respect the right to choose to participate without out adding peer pressure or emotional blackmail.

Your radical self-reliant self can say say “No” at any time to anything. You can also change your consent at any time.

You are responsible for yourself but being self reliant means knowing you can always ask for help. We are a community, our Rangers and Volunteer are there for you when you need us.

Press, Photography, and Videography

Pictures are said to be worth 1,000 words, videos may be worth more, but remember to take them it requires one word: Yes. Always ask before taking any photos of others and respect those who decline.  If someone with a camera is being a problem feel free to find a Ranger.

Wanting to capture and talk about your experience is a great forms of self expression. If you are going to write a personal blog about the event afterward DO IT! Send us a link even, so we know how you burn was. Community members may NOT sell or make personal profit from any images or videos obtained at Korea Burn. Commercial use of materials from Korea Burn is forbidden without express permission.

Please contact koreaburn.social@gmail.com with any questions.

Grounds for Ejection

We want everyone who comes to feel comfortable at Korea Burn. We want everyone to have a fantastic and safe time. But there are some things which may result in ejection. Please always be aware of your actions.

>  No ticket / wristband

>  Failing to ensure your child has proper adult supervision at all times.

>  Commercial photography or videography

>  Vending or commerce (excluding  Center Camp Ice)

>  Failing to respect boundaries

>  Malicious destruction of property

>  Possession of weapons

>  Serving alcohol to someone under age

>  Disrespect of the land or art

>  Violating any of the fire rules

>  Endangering the welfare of the community at large

Contact Us

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Feel free to contact the Korea Burn Organizing Team at any of the following email addresses  or at our web page with questions, comments, or concerns.











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