Welcome home, burners!

Leave No Trace

Leave no trace

KOREA BURN : Mission statement

A Burn event embodies ultimate respect for the earth. Each person organizing and attending a Burn event is responsible for keeping our land looking just as good as we found it – OR BETTER!

Our mission: A MOOP-free beach at the end of the weekend. MOOP = Matter Out Of Place. It rhymes with poop because it stinks!

Rules (Not optional):

1. You bring it, you take it.

This means that EVERYTHING you bring with you to KOREA BURN, must leave with you when you go. EVERYTHING. Every scrap of trash, food compost, recyclable material, clothing, and especially your cigarette butts.

Our beach DOES NOT provide waste services. This is up to each of us.

REMEMBER – Anything you leave on a beach, will likely end up in the ocean. Not cool.

2. Bring your local garbage bags, and any bags for your recyclables.

You know the deal. In Korea, you have to dispose of your waste in special bags purchased in your own neighborhood. YOU MUST BRING THESE BAGS WITH YOU TO THE EVENT.

For recyclable materials (plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans, glass, paper, cardboard, etc) please bring a large plastic bag.

3. Theme Camps BEWARE!

If you are in a theme camp, your camp site will be thoroughly checked before and after the festival. At the end, if your site does not look as good as (or better than) it did in the beginning, you will politely be denied the option to participate next year at KOREA BURN.

4. Cigarette Smokers, we love you. Please love us back.

Bring a portable ash tray and use it at ALL TIMES. Birds, fish, and other animals will eat your butts, and tents will be melted by tossed butts that are still burning. :{


Broken glass is harmful and destructive to people, animals, and land. Bring beer in cans and transfer any liquor that comes in glass into plastic bottles.


1. Keep your waste to a minimum.

BE EXTRA AWARE OF WHAT YOU BRING to KOREA BURN. Take things out of their packages BEFORE you leave. Less garbage = less MOOP.

For example, if you purchase a box of candy bars that are individually wrapped, recycle the box BEFORE leaving for the weekend. Only bring those candy bars. Got a cool piece for your costume? Awesome! Take all the tags and stickers off before you pack it. It will be so much easier to bring your waste back with you this way.

2. Help each other out!

If you see someone being careless with their MOOP, kindly remind them about our mission and help them pick it up. Smiles go far at KOREA BURN!

If you see MOOP on the ground at any point, why not pick it up? Sometimes, MOOP happens accidentally. That’s why we do our big clean-up at the end!

You are all invited to help with the clean up at the end! =]