Welcome home, burners!

Things to bring

Korea Burn is a gifting community based on radical self-reliance. All burners should start by bringing enough water, food, shelter and supplies for themselves for the event. After you have taken care of yourself, you are encouraged to share any talent or skill with the community to help build a strong gifting society! Everything at Korea Burn is given with nothing expected in return so everything is free and given with light, love, and respect.

According to Korea Burn principle, you should bring everything you need to take care of yourself first.

PRIMARY: Thing to Bring:

1. Water/Food ~ What will you reach for in the morning after a day in the sun? Have it ready.

2. Headlight ~ How will you walk around at night?

3. Sleeping Bags/Tent ~ This is a festival in the wilderness… you will need to provide your own shelter. Tents are nice! Sharing tents are even better!

4. Trash Bags ~ Clean up after yourself! Remember, cigarette butts count as MOOP (Matter Out Of Place)

5. Toilet Paper ~ You never know when the bathrooms will run out.

6. Utensils: cups/plates ~ What will you drink out of/eat off of if someone offers you a drink or food? Sometimes you are far from your tent!

SECONDARY: Things to bring:

1. Costumes ~ Have fun and go crazy. Wear something crazy! Faux fur is lovely. 😉

2. Music ~ Speakers, iPod, guitar, bongos… play for us!

3. Alcohol ~ Bring some drinks to toast with your fellow burners! Or give to a theme camp bar!

4.Toys ~ Play games on the beach, in the forest, in your tent… make a few friends!