Welcome home, burners!

Quick FAQ

What Is Burning Man?

Burning Man is a huge festival that runs for a week in the desert of Nevada. This event is only a tribute. In essence, it’s a beach party that celebrates creativity, free self-expression, and radical community outside of a commercial setting. There is no “concert lineup” or “entertainment program”; it’s as organic and unscheduled as possible. If you’ve never been to a Burn, you’re not really gonna get it til you get here…so just come!

Check out our Survival Guide, list of registered theme camps, and 10 Principles to get a better picture of what you’re in for.

What Do You Mean By “Non-Commercial”?

Korea Burn runs on a gift economy. There is absolutely no currency exchanged within the boundaries of the Burn. The theme camps – bars, kitchens, crafts, performances, lounge spaces, services, lessons, gifts – are all free. The idea is that everyone brings something to share (although it’s fine to just bring yourself), so everyone’s needs are met. Absolutely no one should make any money from this event.

What Do You Mean By “Radical Community”?

Take care of yourself and others, treat strangers like friends, and keep your heart and mind open to whatever funky silly weirdness you might encounter!

What Do I Bring? 

There are no pensions or water/electricity hookups (outside of generators for the DJs) on Chungpodae Beach. Bring your own tent or sleeping bag, food, water, drinks, a cup for partaking in others’ drinks, headlight or flashlight, ID card, toilet paper, ticket, bugspray, sunscreen, and trash bags (leave no trace!). There are a few small stores and markets 10 minutes away, but we suggest that to respect the spirit of this event, you do not leave the Burn area until you depart for good.

How Else Can I Contribute?

You can come without any supplies other than what’s listed above, but we encourage you to bring something to share or give – whether that be extra food/water/booze, a musical instrument, art supplies, a theme camp, an art installation, small gifts, a talent to perform or teach, volunteer time, or any other way you would like to express yourself and contribute to this community of sharing and caring.

Where Can I Buy/Rent a Tent?

Gmarket has ridiculously cheap tents like this one and these. Homeplus carries them, and Starcamp rents out nice ones.

If you arrive without a tent, you can stay up all night or crash on the beach, in a new friend’s tent, or in one of the cuddle/rest theme camps…but we recommend you at least bring a blanket or sleeping bag.

How Do I Get There?

You can take a public bus to Anmyeong and then a 10-minute taxi to the beach, join one of the buses organized by Wink, or jump onto one of the various other buses being organized.

This year we’ve asked that you purchase your ticket for Korea Burn. The price is 50,000 Won and your contribution will help us take care of the pesky things such as human waste, on site paramedics, disposal and recycling of MOOP, construction of the men, and the fee to host this beautiful experience on someone’s land. It was fantastic having free entry last year but it’s not financially feasible and unfortunately all the bills fall on one man’s back. So instead, as a community and Korea Burn family, we can share the responsibility of being responsible.

What’s Not Allowed?

Selling anything, fighting, being an asshole, providing drugs, and/or not picking up after yourself. If we damage it or leave a mess or have a safety issue, we will probably not be welcomed back next year by Chungpodae. There might be a couple cops out of uniform present.

“Leave No Trace?” 

One of the core values of Burning Man festivals is to leave no trace behind – no evidence that the festival was ever there. Chungpodae is a beautiful beach, and we need to leave it spotless! Please take time before you depart on Sunday to pick up every piece of trash you can find. Bring trash bags! Smokers, bring something to use as a portable ashtray.