Welcome home, burners!


Let’s take a moment to reflect on some stereotypes one often hears about Burning Man…

One of the main descriptions used by those who are inexperienced to Burning Man is usually something along the lines of  “Oh yeah, I’ve heard about Burning Man…That’s that thing where a bunch of hippies go out into a desert and stuff.” Others might then chime in “Yeah! And I hear they walk around naked and do drugs too!”

While Burning Man definitely has some of the above going on, that is far from what it is actually ABOUT. Burning Man is about being as amazing as you are as a person, and bringing it to the playa (or in this case, beach) and sharing that awesomeness-that-is-you with everyone around you.

Now that the big d-word has been mentioned, it would be best to state here and now that drugs are NOT encouraged at Korea Burn. We should all respect each other’s choices on the matter, but — especially for those in Korea who are unaware of drug laws — please know that it is illegal to use or to have used drugs.  *While you are traveling in another country, you are subject to its laws, even if you are a U.S. citizen. Persons violating the Republic of Korea laws, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned. Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs in the Republic of Korea can be severe, and convicted offenders can expect jail sentences, heavy fines, and deportation at the end of their sentence.

We are not trying to be your mother and tell you what to do, but what you do decide to do reflects upon the community as a whole, so we’re asking you to think about the community and the reputation of this festival of Burners. As said before, we are not merely some group of weird, drug-using hippies. We are awesomeness given form. We are people brought to their highest levels of creativity. Let’s share that and make this Burn the best it can be.

Korean Drug Law Website