Welcome home, burners!


KOREA BURN  is an official regional burn event of Burning Man.

KOREA BURN started in 2011 on Muuido Beach, near Incheon, in South Korea. With roughly 150 burners in attendance, people set up tents, played guitars and bongos while everyone participated in body painting, hair braiding, yoga, dancing, bar-tending, and fire-spinning!

Our goal is to bring the spirit and community of Burning Man in Nevada, USA, to South Korea, with all the love and creative expression of Black Rock City.

The real Burning Man is a celebration of community with its gifting society where everything is given without expectations of a return gift or payment. The community is open to all people and invites everyone to bring a piece of themselves to add to the whole.

Burning Man is a celebration of the individual with its freedom to expression. All are free to show their true colors because when you walk onto the playa or the festival, you are home.

We hope to make KOREA BURN a popular and annual event. With your help and enthusiasm, we can make an event that will rock the Korean peninsula. So, fellow burner, what can you do to add to the community of KOREA BURN?