Welcome home, burners!

2012 Tumblbug


We are preparing Korea Burn, a regional Burning Man in Korea.

At first, Korea Burn was supposed to be a small festival organized by people who are into the culture and the spirit of Burning Man, however, the festival got bigger and bigger as more people wanted to get involved with the event.

“Burning Man?”

Buring Man is a festival which burns wooden structures as a major event and involves self-expression, art installations, and performances. It also puts emphasis on community, radical involvement, self-dependence, sharing, and spiritual awakening.

At first, we planned on holding Korea Burn on Mueui Island, however, we needed to find a new place because more people than we expected became interested in Korea Burn.
Finally, we relocated Gijipo beach in Taean National Park and managed to get authorized by the Bureau of National Park. Hereby, Korea Burn is officially the first campfire festival in Korea which will be held on a national park
Burning Man – Burning Man Structure.
The Finale of Korea Burn will be the burning of a wooden structure. We made a “Man,” which is 3 meters tall, with steel frames.
(A Sketch Note from the making process)
Currently, the “Man” consists of bones. It can only completed by YOU when you put wooden patches on it in order to make a proper “Man” with other attendees. Together.
Design, Symbol and Information.

We felt an imminent need of an official web page in order to update participants with accurate information and notices. Therefore, we started to make a web page and the designs for it. Korea Burn just started to get bigger and more complex although it was originally planned as a small event. 

(Various design concepts and sketches.)

Fire and Burning Man

Fire is the core of Korea Burn. Burning is not a simple symbol but contains a lot of meanings. Fire Conclave, the last performance of Korea Burn, describes paintings of fire on the night sky through Fire Dancers’ choreography. We are currently choreographing and testing fire effects with various kinds of equipment and oil to present during the festival.

We are also inducing local and art communities to join theme camps, art installations, and performances. We organized several meetings and conferences with them.
We are doing our best to make this the best festival ever.
Why we upload this video on Tumblbug.

Our festival is free for everyone. You might wonder why we would need tickets even if it’s free. We want people to take part in our festival with responsibility and will to contribute. Hence, we decided that the application process itself and carrying your ticket could be a way to show your resolution to our community.

(A image insert the ticket)
We did not seek for commercial sponsorship or advertisement. However, the required budget for necessary amenities such as TOILETS got snowballed as more people than we expected wanted to join.
Your support will help us to make a greater festival and to pass along Korea Burn as a new cultural phenomenon in Korea. We ask your help and support with all of our passion. We hope our passion is enough to move you.




Burning Man Festival

Burning Man has started by Larry Harbey in 1986. He burned a human-shaped wooden structure on the beach of San Francisco. Nowadays, about 50,000 people gather in Black Rock City, Nevada and build camps for self-expression, art installations, and performance at Burning Man. Burning Man is an open-flatform festival which put emphasis on community, involvement, expression, self-dependence, and experience. Google doodle has appeared because Larry and Sergey, the founders of Google, attended Burning Man. Also, open source movement from Silicon Valley stemed from this festival.

Korea Burn 2012
-When : Sep.8th~9th,2012
-Where : Gijipo Beach, Anmyondo
-How to attend : Send your application to us after visiting our web page.