***Map&Theme camp Schedule

***Burn Schedule
sat 21:00 woori burn (man burn) 25:00 burn art pieces @ fire section
sun 21:00 temple burn 23:00 burn art pieces @ fire section

***Centercamp Schedule

If you are bringing a car, you need to park designated area. Only registered vehicles (staff, theme camp) are allowed in Korea Burn.
– Note 1) If you are car camping, please email us at koreaburn.arrival@gmail.com. We have limited car camping spots. It’s first come, first serve.
– Note 2) Only one vehicle is allowed for each theme camp to park inside of the campsite.
– Note 3) If you are dropping your stuff off from your car, you can bring your car into the campsite but you have to move it outside of the campsite after you are done unloading. We have a designated parking lot right out side of the campsite.

***Town hall meeting
Sat 13:00 @ Center camp
– What’s burning man/ korea burn
– Community
– interaction among participants

English) http://goo.gl/u4rv9k