Due to the high demands on ticket sales after it has been closed, we had an emergency meeting and we have decided to have ticket sales on the site.

Ticket sales time : gate open hours ( 7/3 Thur 14:00-22:00 , 7/4 Fri 14:00-29:00, 7/5 Sat 10:00-19:00, 7/6 Sun10:00-19:00)
Price : 90,000KRW

1. Since we are really busy preparing the burn now, we are not having pre-sales online. All sale will be at the GATE.
2. The Sales will be only available during the gate open hours. Besides those times, there will be no ticket sales.
3. You will need to fill in the registration form when you get there just like everyone who purchased the tickets online did.
4. The ticket price is 90,000KRW since we want to have make it fair for the people who already bought the tickets online. Thanks you for understanding.

See you soon!